Grow Your Business With the Right Equipment

Regardless of size, companies cannot be successful without the proper equipment. If you want to build a thriving business, it is vital to secure equipment financing so you can obtain the computers, software, diagnostic tools and machinery your company needs to operate efficiently. Blue Ridge Financial Solutions offers both equipment leasing and financing options to help your business reach its full potential.

Preserve Cash With Equipment Leasing

By choosing to lease the equipment you need, you can free up the cash you have on hand for other needs. You are also free to upgrade current models of equipment as new ones hit the market because you are only required to make low monthly payments. There is no need to hang on to obsolete equipment because you are still trying to pay for it, and you will also receive significant tax advantages.

Receive Excellent Benefits By Financing Equipment

Blue Ridge Financial Solutions offers generous terms for equipment financing. Expect to receive loan amounts of up to $500,000 with little to no down payment required. We also offer various payment structures and do not require financial statements for applications under $150,000.

Choose the Right Programs

Different companies have varying equipment needs, so there is no one loan solution that is right for every business. At Blue Ridge Financial Solutions, we offer several different programs to accommodate these different needs. Depending upon which category your business falls into, it may qualify for any of the following programs.

  • B, C and D programs: We finance loans for businesses that are struggling financially.
  • Startup programs: We provide new companies with limited credit histories with the financing options they need.
  • Sale and lease-back programs: We purchase the equipment you need and allow you to lease it from us until the purchase price has been repaid.
  • Government and municipal programs: Public entities such as police stations and firehouses are guaranteed approval.

Contact Us Today

Securing equipment financing is a great way to set your business up for success. Contact Blue Ridge Financial Solutions today to discuss your financing and leasing options and find out which solution is best for your company.